What are cookies?
Cookies are small size lines of text, stored in your P.C. when some pages are visited on Internet.
When youbuy or book tickets on the site it is necessary that cookies are enabled.
If you do not want accept cookies, you can browse the web and utilize it for research purposes.
In most browsers, cookies are able, in the footnote you can find the necessary information to modify the cookies planning in your browser.
Cookies are damaging for your device. We do not keep personal identity information but we use encrypt information collected in order to improve your presence on the web.
We supply these information as integral part of our initiative aimed at the respect of the recent legislation and to grant our honesty and directness with regard to your privacy when you utilize our website.
Further information about cookies will be found on the site
Cookies can carry out several functions, like for example let you browse among the different pages in an efficient way, recalling your preferences, in wider terms cookies can improve your permanence on our website.
Shown below a brief description of the cookies types used on the website:

Technical cookies
These cookies are essential in order to let you move inside the site and to use its functionality, as for example to access the reserved areas of the website.
Services requested, will not be supplied without these cookies, as for example booking management or access to the reserved areas.:
Strictly necessary cookies are utilized to memorize an univocal identifierfor the user management and identification in a way to supply the most precise and congruent service to the customer.:
For example:
• the previous actions memory ( like an insert value) during the web surfing backwards to a page in the same session.
• Token maintenance for the improvement of the website reserved areas.

Analytic cookies
These cookies are used by Frittelli Maritime Group s.p.a. to gather anonymous statistic on the use of the site aimed to the performance improvement of the website.

How may I disable cookies?
The majority of browser accept cookies automatically, but you can also choose to not accept them.
We suggest you do not disable this function, as in this case you will not move from one page to an other and will not use all the peculiarity of the website.
If you not desire that your PC receive and memorize cookies, you can modify the safety settings of your browser. Anyway please note that some parts of our Site could be completely utilized if your browser accepts cookies. On the contrary case you will not able to buy or book a ticket. Consequently, your choice of removing and not accept cookies will influence negatively your permanence on our Site.

Hereinafter you can find briefly instructions about cookies gray out in the most common browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Clicking on the icon 'Strumenti' on the corner top right and select 'opzioni internet'. In the window pop up selection 'Privacy'. Here you can control the settings of your cookies.

Google Chrome
Clicking the wrench on the corner top right and select 'Impostazioni'. Now selection 'Mostra impostazioni avanzate' ( 'Under the hood') and change the settings of the 'Privacy'.

Mozilla Firefox
From the drop-down list on the corner top left select 'Opzioni', In the window pop up selection 'Privacy'. Hereinafter you can control the settings of your cookies.

From the drop-down list on the corner top right select 'Preferenze'.
Select 'Sicurezza' and here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.
For further information regarding cookies and how to manage or disable those of marketing / retargeting, please visit
To disable analytic cookies and to deny Google Analytics to collect data on your browser, you can download the plug-in part of the browser for the Google Analytics deactivation: https:/tools