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Adria Ferries is the market leader in the shipping sector to and from Albania: Thanks to its network and the market's largest fleet, Adria Ferries connects the major ports of the Adriatic Sea with Durrës and opens the Balkans door to Europe.

With daily sailings from Italy (Trieste, Ancona or Bari), Adria Ferries provides the best connection network with Albania, offering the most convenient, effective, reliable and quick solutions to logistics and transport customers.

Travel on our Ro-Ro-Pax ships and discover our services: With valued guest treatment and Italian comfort and quality, Adria Ferries will transform your crossing into a pleasure. 

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Adria Ferries – Italy-Albania Goods Shipping Service
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Information and Bookings:
Frittelli Maritime Group Spa - Lungomare Vanvitelli 18 - 60121 – Ancona, Italy
Tel. +39 071.50211624  -  Fax +39 071.202296  -  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Multiple services each week
Ancona - Durazzo RT

Bari - Durazzo RT
Trieste - Durazzo RT

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Daily services
Ancona - IgoumenitsaRT

Ancona - Patras RT
Ancona - Corfù RT (seasonal)

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