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Deposito merci FMG

Goods Warehousing

deposito merci frittelli maritime group anconaFRITTELLI MARITIME GROUP spa is the owner of the only General Warehouses in the Ancona Province, authorised by the Ministry of Productive Activities and the Customs Agency of the Ministry of Finance, extending over approx. 5000 sqm. covered and e 4000 sqm. uncovered,  located in the Industrial Sector of the Zipa area of the port, next to the Container Terminal and the future commercial port.

deposito merci magazzino frittelli maritime groupThe deposit areas are adjoining the port and can receive national, EU and non-EU goods in fiscal VAT warehousing.  The General Warehouses are able to issue deposit warrants or receipts on the inventory items, which may be used to obtain credits or advance payments on the goods.

porto ancona magazzini frittelli maritime groupResponding to market and traffic demands, the current management decided to specialise in logistics activities and service the commercial port. With quality at the forefront, we provide cost-effective and efficient services, including industrial raw materials handling, containerization and de-containerisation, consolidation of cargoes to and from the port of Ancona, using a wide range of specialised equipment, such as  three bridge cranes and five forklifts ranging in capacity from 3 to 30 tonnes, one reachstacker, 2 vans and several trucks.

The most frequently handled types of goods include:

  • Steel industry products such as coils, sheets, tubes in bundles, structural elements, sectional bars and special size tubes in crates.
  • Quarry products such as brucite, stones and aggregates in general.
  • Miscellaneous industrial products such as paper reels, electrodes, leather, wood, etc...
  • Miscellaneous raw materials such as basic products for the manufacture of steel and paper in general.
  • Finished Products

porto di ancona deposito merci frittelliFrittelli Maritime
 operates also domestic and customs warehousing in Vasto near Chieti, in two private warehouses extending over a total of 3,500 sqm. covered area and 10,000 sqm. uncovered area, immediately next to the port of Punta Penna.
The main activity is the deposit of steel products, timber, gypsum, sand, salt, pulp and other bulk products for the ceramics industry, fertilizers etc. All our structures can perform customs and insurance procedures, and provide a full range of services for logistics, transport and shipping customers.

magazzini generali frittelli maritime group
The general, custom and foreign trade warehouses managed by Frittelli Maritime provide customers with a very useful operational tool, unique in its kind, capable to streamline all the stages of handling and movement of goods..


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