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General Agents for Italy

Multiple services each week
Ancona - Durazzo A/R

Bari - Durazzo A/R
Trieste - Durazzo A/R
M/N AF Claudia Prima - M/N AF Michela
M/N AF Francesca - M/N AF Marina

General Agents for Italy

Daily services
Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso A/R

Trieste - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso A/R
Ancona - Trieste A/R

Daily services
Civitavecchia/Livorno - Barcellona A/R

Multiple services each week
Civitavecchia - Tolone A/R 

Civitavecchia/Salerno/Palermo - Tunisi A/R
Salerno - Palermo A/R

Weekly services
Civitavecchia/Livorno - Porto Vecchio A/R


Cruises in the Mediterranean, in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, United Arab Emirates, in the East and the Indian Ocean

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