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Alberto Rossi Cavaliere del Lavoro

On 10 October 2022 the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella signed the decrees by which, on the proposal of the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, the Knights of Merit of Labor were appointed.

Alberto Rossi, one of the three entrepreneurs from the Marche region awarded the prestigious title, welcomed the news with deep emotion: "It fills me with joy and pride especially because, on the proposal of Minister Giorgetti, it comes directly from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the man that more than any other represents our country in the world ”. A very important and prestigious milestone, a sign of concrete recognition of the professional commitment and personal ability that have determined the growth and success of the Company and contributed to the well-being and development of the country. “I have dedicated my life to work, first following specific studies and then starting, from the very first moment, my entrepreneurial activity. I founded the Group from scratch: I come from a family of doctors who did not give me a Company to carry on but did much more, they passed on to me those fundamental principles and values, which are essential for making a young and important person grow, to train an entrepreneur who is devoted to his company, his employees and his community, without ever losing the focus on his family. In my business I have poured a lot of enthusiasm and dynamism from the beginning, combining the will and the desire to do, with the respect for the rules that I have always put before any kind of ambition. The appointment as Cavaliere del Lavoro is the culmination of an entrepreneurial path confirming that we have worked well not only on the development of the Company, but also on ethics and social commitment, equally essential elements for the progress of a Company and with it his team. Certainly, then to note that the Marche region has this year expressed as many as 3 Cavalieri del Lavoro, is a confirmation of the great commitment that our Region is making at a central level, so that our territories are recognized the role they deserve ". 

Today we live in horizons in continuous transformation that require Companies to make an even greater commitment to face truly decisive challenges, to offer future generations a prospect for the future.

“An entrepreneur today must differentiate himself by being a team, and in relations with his collaborators he must be far-sighted and aware that the true value of the Company is represented by people. It is essential to demonstrate this, day after day. This usually happens in all realities through different expressions. Personally, I find myself expressing them in a different way, from moment to moment, some more concrete, others more intangible but all and always true and sincere. I have many collaborators who work hard every day. We need harmony and mutual respect. Then you need intuition and innovation. Today we need both entrepreneurs and managers”.


The Ancona Customs Office grants FMG an important benefit

Following a careful assessment of the solidity as well as a particularly stable financial situation and given the overall opinion that places the Company above the average of the reference cluster for reliability and solvency, the Ancona Customs Office has granted Frittelli Maritime Group SpA an increase in the exemption from the obligation to provide security to guarantee the customs duties imposed on the operations carried out at the Ancona Customs Office. This benefit was obtained thanks to the solidity and substantial balance enjoyed by the Group, characteristics that have had a positive impact on the corporate rating.

New Covid-19 prevention facility available at the Port of Ancona

Always at the forefront in offering a reliable and safe travel experience, FMG, as general agent of Adria Ferries Company, announces that, in order to ensure maximum safety for all passengers departing from the Port of Ancona, starting from July 3rd and for the duration of 12 months, in a dedicated area on the first floor of the maritime ticket office located in via Einaudi, a health center will be operating the carrying out of rapid antigenic and molecular swabs. Taking into consideration the need of timely feedback from travelers, the test will guarantee a quick and reliable result.

The service is available by reservation only at this site: 



Alberto Rossi participates in "The blue Way” digital assembly


ANCONA, 1 SEPTEMBER 2020 - Alberto Rossi will be participating in "The blue way" digital assembly organised by the University of Macerata in collaboration with the Port Authority System of the Central Adriatic Sea, live on the Facebook page of Tipicità, on Tuesday, 1 September, at 5.30 in the afternoon

Alberto Rossi, as the CEO of ACT Terminal, will be participating with a brief speech at the digital assembly entitled “The Blue Way - a future based on digital and logistical innovation”, live on the official Facebook page of Tipicità, on Tuesday, 1 September, at 5.30 in the afternoon.

The meeting, which has been organised by the University of Macerata in collaboration with the Port Authority System of the Central Adriatic Sea, will be taking an in-depth look at the opportunities offered by the academic courses introduced at the University of Macerata as part of the degree in “Legal Sciences for Innovation” and will examine the new professional needs in logistics and maritime transport.