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Frittelli Maritime Group inaugurates “FMG LOGISTICS"


ANCONA, 15 JULY 2020 - The Group is unveiling the largest structure in the port area, a multi-purpose and technologically state-of-the-art warehouse

The concession was granted in 2019. Major renovation work has been undertaken since last autumn, with a total investment of almost one and a half million Euro. Frittelli Maritime Group is now opening the doors to the new warehouse, which has been converted into a multi-purpose and technologically state-of-the-art warehouse in the space of just a few months.

Located close to the most important quay in the Port of Ancona (quay 26), the warehouse will house the “FMG LOGISTICS” Division and will be dedicated to goods being imported and exported in containers or “general cargo” ships.

A huge amount of structural and infrastructural work has been performed over the last few months, from the electrical wiring and plumbing to the fire prevention system and lighting and also the flooring, which has been completely remade in highly resistant material and raised across the entire covered area of 10,000 m2. Demolition of the three internal compartments has also ensured that the new warehouse is a multi-purpose facility. Only one compartment now remains and will serve to offer more demanding customers the opportunity to segregate particular goods.

Traffic and traffic flows have been planned to be optimal: a track has been brought up to ground level to provide a link with the national rail network, with the dual objective of allowing both road and rail traffic. The promise to exploit the advantages of a consolidated intermodal (sea-rail-road) system, and thus create a transport system that allows continuous movement of imported and exported goods from the production plants, has therefore been kept. On the back and in the centre, the opening has been completely changed and enlarged, to allow passage of the vehicles needed to handle large-sized cargoes (project cargo). One of the most outstanding features in optimisation of the internal spaces is certainly the height, which reaches up to a maximum of nineteen metres without supporting columns.

"FMG LOGISTICS” has been designed to have the dual status of a national and foreign warehouse and will house goods stored in bond, with the benefit of being cleared through customs in several lots, depending on sales requirements.
Major renovation work has also been carried out on the area dedicated to the offices and new spaces have been fitted out to provide a comfortable workplace for employees, both while they are working and during breaks.

The Group, keeping pace with the times, has also focused on technology: automation plays a vital role in optimising company processes and in the logistics chain and it has become increasingly sophisticated and rapid over time. The warehouse will have a system that automates incoming and outgoing goods flows and the entire structure has Wi-Fi coverage.

"FMG LOGISTICS" is therefore not just the ideal warehouse for storing any type of goods, thanks to the flexible way in which the spaces are organised, but also provides customers with lifting and transport equipment that allows a modern and highly efficient goods handling system. All accompanied by the use of state-of-the-art technological systems and never disregarding the importance of the well-being of employees.