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FMG further confirms its commitment to sustainability and gives every employee a Guzzini water bottle to reduce the use of single-use plastic


Frittelli Maritime Group is giving every employee a Fratelli Guzzini steel water bottle and thus demonstrating its commitment to a substantial reduction in the use of single-use plastic in the workplace.

The company is taking this “small” step towards protecting the health of the planet with the precise objective of encouraging employees to adopt habits that, if they become more widespread, could contribute significantly to protecting human health and the environment, a priority of fundamental importance at this particular time in history.

FMG therefore intends to play a major role in encouraging environmentally sustainable behaviour, by supporting ethics, social responsibility and innovation. With this initiative, the Group undertakes to protect the future by adopting an original solution to reduce the use of disposable products in the office.

The Ancona-based Company has, in fact, once again confirmed its green credentials, after introducing smart working to allow its employees to perform their activities at home, with a consequent reduction in harmful Co2 emissions and therefore in the impact on the environment.

The Fratelli Guzzini water bottles of FMG have a unique and innovative design and serve not only as a symbol of identity and sense of belonging to the company, but also as an expression of the core values of its vision: innovation and sustainability.

A green choice by Frittelli Maritime Group which, with this innovative solution, is offering each employee the chance to make a tangible contribution to protecting the planet and all its lifeforms.