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FMG wins a new asset




ANCONA, 2 AUGUST 2019 - A structure of 16,000 square meters of extension, of which 10,000 square meters are covered, equipped with a rail link and located near the most important quay in the Port of Ancona (quay No. 26): this is the latest conquest of the FMG Group arrived at the end of a long preliminary investigation which ended on June 19, with the favorable resolution of the Port Authority.

The Ancona-based Group, founded in 1903, known for being extremely solid and in continuous growth, offers services ranging from the transport of goods of all types and with all modalities, to all the accessory and complementary services that revolve around maritime and land traffic ( port operator services, warehousing in general and customs warehouses, liner and tramp agency, etc).

The planned structural and infrastructural works will begin in August: the goal of FMG is to convert, with a series of important investments, an obsolete and no longer used structure, once used for coal traffic, into a multi-functional and modern resource able to provide a series of services never previously provided. One of the main strengths and object of investment of the Group will be the railway junction of which the structure is equipped, the planned project will offer the possibility to take advantage of the consolidated intermodality scheme (ship-rail-rubber) and to give life to a complex round trip able to allow continuous transport of goods in import and export of production plants.

A double benefit for the Port of Ancona, both in quantitative and qualitative terms: the new FMG asset will allow the handling of larger volumes of goods and the acquisition of new traffic capable of reaching the more distant markets of Northern and Eastern Europe / Asia, also thanks to the links to the TEN-T network of which Ancona is a part. 

The last conquest of the Group has generated great enthusiasm within the company, since it is a unique asset capable of becoming a national excellence.


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