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FMG sponsor of BiANCONAtale 2019


FMG sponsor of BiANCONAtale 2019



The Frittelli Maritime Group, which has always supported initiatives in its own community and in the local area, has decided once again this year to sponsor the BiANCONAtale event, which brings the magic of Christmas to Ancona from 23 November to 6 January.

The Group has contributed to creation of the Elves’ Woodland in Piazza Pertini, which is open every Saturday and Sunday from 30 November to 6 January and on 24 and 26 December, from 3.30 to 7.30 p.m. Elves, princes and princesses and superheroes will be there in this enchanted kingdom to make every child’s dream come true, as they immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere and listen to fairy tales in the Casetta delle Favole (Fairytale Cottage) or play in the Casetta dei Balocchi (Toyland). And this year, on 15 December, there will be the unmissable show that will see Harry Potter return to AnkonAlley, directly from Hogwarts.

BiANCONAtale will offer everyone, old or young, an unforgettable experience: don’t miss it!

FMG is an “ELITE” company


FMG is participating in the ELITE project


Frittelli Maritime Group Spa has been selected to participate in an ambitious project: ELITE. The Group has joined a global community that aims to provide companies with access to the capital, skills and networking needed to scale up and to achieve a long-lasting socio-economic impact. ELITE is a company in the London Stock Exchange Group. It was launched in Italy in 2012 and has achieved ambitious results in just a few years, as over 900 leading companies worldwide have joined the program and accepted the challenge of acting as the showcase for the best companies of their own countries, supported by the network of 200 Partners and 200 Investors along their path towards growth. The purposes of the project include offering companies the chance to enter and form part of an ecosystem committed to success on a global scale. A full thirty-three new Italian companies in various sectors took part in this edition, thanks to the partnership with the Intesa Sanpaolo bank, as part of the long-term collaboration with Confindustria, which has been operating with numerous initiatives to support the country’s economy since 2009. The objective of the program is to accelerate development of enterprise through an innovative process of organisational and managerial support based on planning and control models at both strategic and industrial level, to make already merit-worthy companies even more organised, transparent and competitive and more attractive to global investors. In the fifth class of companies participating in the project, ELITE has reached 120 companies with aggregate turnover of Euro 1.9 billion, with an average turnover per company of around Euro 60 million and total resources used numbering 6,425 people.

Participating in this project offers the selected companies a set of tools and services designed to seize new visibility and networking opportunities, thus facilitating their growth and cultural engagement in the various forms of funding available (raising of financial resources), including the public and private capital markets.

“We are pleased to welcome the new group of companies that are joining ELITE today, thanks to the strategic collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo. We are extremely happy that the number of companies that have joined ELITE through the ELITE Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge continues to increase, with a constantly high quality – comments Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE - the thirty-three new companies, coming from thirteen different regions and sixteen different sectors, stand out for their focus on innovation, internationalisation and sustainability. The mission of ELITE has always been to support managerial and strategic development of companies, accompanying them towards sustainable growth and simultaneously including research, skills and technological progress as the means for enhancing growth.” On suggestion of its Chief Financial Officer, Andrea Gubbinelli, and in agreement with Top Management, the Frittelli Maritime Group joined the program with the aim of raising the quality level from an organisational, cultural and managerial standpoint. The company will be represented in the two-year program by the CFO and by the Management Control Officer, Simona Concari, who will seek to convey and share the notions acquired with their colleagues. Frittelli Maritime Group is thus becoming a member of a global network of over 1,295 companies from the forty-three different countries that they represent: this means new contacts, growth potential and business.


FMG wins a new asset




ANCONA, 2 AUGUST 2019 - A structure of 16,000 square meters of extension, of which 10,000 square meters are covered, equipped with a rail link and located near the most important quay in the Port of Ancona (quay No. 26): this is the latest conquest of the FMG Group arrived at the end of a long preliminary investigation which ended on June 19, with the favorable resolution of the Port Authority.

The Ancona-based Group, founded in 1903, known for being extremely solid and in continuous growth, offers services ranging from the transport of goods of all types and with all modalities, to all the accessory and complementary services that revolve around maritime and land traffic ( port operator services, warehousing in general and customs warehouses, liner and tramp agency, etc).

The planned structural and infrastructural works will begin in August: the goal of FMG is to convert, with a series of important investments, an obsolete and no longer used structure, once used for coal traffic, into a multi-functional and modern resource able to provide a series of services never previously provided. One of the main strengths and object of investment of the Group will be the railway junction of which the structure is equipped, the planned project will offer the possibility to take advantage of the consolidated intermodality scheme (ship-rail-rubber) and to give life to a complex round trip able to allow continuous transport of goods in import and export of production plants.

A double benefit for the Port of Ancona, both in quantitative and qualitative terms: the new FMG asset will allow the handling of larger volumes of goods and the acquisition of new traffic capable of reaching the more distant markets of Northern and Eastern Europe / Asia, also thanks to the links to the TEN-T network of which Ancona is a part. 

The last conquest of the Group has generated great enthusiasm within the company, since it is a unique asset capable of becoming a national excellence.


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Tirana Business Matching

Tirana Business Matching will take place in Tirana on the 26th and 27th october, 2017. 

Tirana Business Matching comes for the first time in Albania, to transform the capital into the metropolis of international business. This worldwide activity will be focused on foreign direct investments and partnerships between international business representatives and albanian companies. Investors from Italy, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Greece, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Benelux, Croatia, Nordic countries, Switzerland and many other countries will have the chance to reveal their interest to cooperate with the Albanian partners, on 26-27 October 2017. It is a leading platform aimed to promote investments and providing a strategic and rich learning environment, B2B, joint venture etc. All the participants will have a preliminary relation with their partners to create a good climate of networking. The members will discuss how to attract the right kind of international investment, which will contribute to the competitiveness of national economy. 

Tirana Business Matching will gather corporate leaders, policy makers, experts, to highlight the important role of foreign firms, for two intensive days.

This October we will improvise a global stage to present innovative ideas and explore new ventures and business partnerships.


Short, sharp 20 minutes B2B meetings to foster effective networking.

Main Topics:

  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism
  • Agrofood and Agriculture
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Energy
  • Investments/Financing
  • Biological Sciences

Why participate?

  • Showcase your most favorable projects, products or know-how
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects




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