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Corporate Governance and Code of Ethics


Based on the adoption of the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, as well as the constant growth and the desire to structure itself to face future challenges, the Company, starting in February, decided to extend all FMG employees two new tools: the Company Regulations and the Code of Ethics. The Company Regulations respond to the need for the Company to regulate the behavioral conduct that each employee is required to follow during working hours, in order to ensure the correct organization of work and compliance with regulatory provisions. Through the Code of Ethics, however, the Company made explicit those values ​​which must be based on the conduct of each employee, consultant and / or external collaborator in the exercise of their activities, such as, for example, moral integrity, personal honesty and correctness in internal and external relations, as well as the refusal of any conduct which, although aimed at achieving a result consistent with the interests of FMG, presents aspects that are not compatible with the law and the rules of conduct in force within the Society.




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